Solfeggio Scale - Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti  . . . Do

The original Solfeggio frequencies were made up of 6 primary tones with a 7th tone (Ti) added in the 19th century. These frequencies were used in ancient sacred music, including the beautiful Gregorian Chants. It is theorized that each tone is comprised of a frequency that is capable of balancing one's outer energy fields known as Chakras. There are 7 main Chakras.

Do-396 - FA-TBP.jpg

Do 396hz - Root Chakra

FA.639 - Fa-tbp .jpg

Fa 639hz - Heart Chakra

Ti.963 - Fa.tbp.jpg
RE.417 - Fa.tbp.jpg

Re 417hz - Sacral Chakra

So.741 - Fa.tbp.jpg

So 741 - Throat Chakra

Mi.528 - Fa.tbp.jpg

Mi 528hz - Solar Plexus Chakra

LA.852 - Fa.tbp.jpg

La 528hz - Third Eye Chakra

These original mono prints are printed from multiple blocks using oil based transparent ink. The bottom layers are printed one at a time using a hand cranked press. Subsequent layers are applied by hand rubbing ink onto the paper which often gives an ethereal textural effect as well as allowing for line imagery.

Image are 8x10" chine nolle'd 

onto 14x17" paper. 

The full scale (7) prints

are available for $2500 unframed.

14x17 matts are included.

Individual monoprints are available for $325

Limited edition accordion books of the

full scale (DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo)

will be available in 2021.

Ti 963hz - Crown Chakra


Do 396 - Root Chakra

Re 417hz - Sacral Chakra

Mi 528 - Solar Plexus Chakra