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Artist's Statement



Where to begin!

As with many artists my work reflects what's happening in my life.

Am I shocked by the changes I see while snorkeling in the off shore waters of Hawaii, am I amazed experiencing the ability of vibration and frequencies to heal us on a cellular level, am I carving out time needed to exam who I am and what legacy (non-material) I want to leave.

I share visually observations that are important to me.

Distilling a work to get as close to its essence as possible is a goal I often strive for. Creating imagery that is simple yet interesting and beautiful is not easy. It also reveals a certain vulnerability that can be

inviting and intimate. 

A Little About Me

After graduating from CCA, I enjoyed working as a graphic artist for many years before turning my attention to the fine arts. In 2016, I began devoting my attention full time to creating art; initially fine art printmaking and later returning to my love of drawing and painting the figure.

I am thrilled to live in my hometown of San Francisco

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