Artist's Statement

My work is often inspired by concepts that are, at present, not mainstream thinking. The field of energy healing and how frequency, vibration and intent have an ability to heal inspires my artwork today.

Mono prints are often the vehicle I use to express my conceptual work. Translucent layering of ink, unique textures from hand rubbing ink onto paper, overlaying text and figurative imagery are brought together to make an intriguing statement.

Other less conceptual artworks are inspired by native communities of the past, farmers' markets, the offshore waters of Hawaii, and the figure in various settings.  

A Little About Me

I'm a San Francisco native raised in the Mission District by my beautiful mother who immigrated from Nicaragua. Both of my parents had successful careers in creative fields. I grew up surrounded by art, fashion and art projects. After graduating from CCA (California College of the Arts) in Oakland, I enjoyed many years working as a graphic artist before turning my attention to the fine arts - initially returning to the figure and later in-depth exploration in the fine art of printmaking.

© Clare Metague 2020